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Master of Tactics is a 4X Turn Based Strategy Game. It is heavy on strategy and light on micro management. Features
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28 August 2015

Editor's review

When it comes to playing games on our PCs a lot many of us seem stay away from full fledged graphics heavy action or shooter games. These are typically better experienced on gaming consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation. Now if you have been looking for a high speed challenging game to be played on your system which will not crash your PC then you can try checking out the Master of Tactics 1.09 epic fantasy game. It is an interesting mix of a strategy game combined with high levels of action.

Once you launch the Master of Tactics 1.09 game you would find yourself within a mission to conquer galaxies and conquer unknown planets while fighting enemies and keeping threats at bay. You would have to sharpen your skills in different arenas as you attempt to gain more and more resources through the galaxy. In some cases you would need to engage in diplomacy while in others you would have fight pitched battles. The game allows you to create your custom spaceship designs and load them up with your choice of weapons. You would get the chance to explore a whole bouquet of offensive and defensive technologies from beam rays to droid mines. Dealing with incoming missiles will appear as a major bugbear since shooting them down is way to difficult while even you manage outwit them they may strike some other ship from your fleet. If you learn the ropes well you will be able to pick up attack warnings and used speed controls to manage your way through the game.

Owing the extensive in game customization that Master of Tactics 1.09 offers, we rate this delightful game with a respectable score of three and half rating stars. It also earns kudos for its exciting music score and neat acoustics.

Publisher's description

Master of Tactics is a 4X Space Turn Based Strategy Game. Master of Tactics has all the tactics of Civilisation without the work. Why get tied down with build queues, when you can get busy with strategy?
Master of Tactics is set in the future, just after the discovery of interstellar space travel and involves a race to explore the galaxy, colonise new worlds, and control the galaxy's strategic resources.
Custom Craft Design,
Tactical Battle System,
Diplomacy (Espionage, Sabotage, Trading)
Strategic Resources,
Random Galaxy Generation,
Deep Technology Tree.
Free to download and play - It has no time limits, and no restrictions. This is offered as a free download. It's more important to us that people play the game than pay for it! We do hope many of you, once you have played the free game, will pay for the extras and fund its development.
Master of Tactics
Master of Tactics
Version 1.12
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